Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Oh sorry forgot to say .... We did really well took a lot of orders from amazing stores all over The States hitting about 30 States. Definitely put us on the map.

It was a Great show , one of the best.

The Bubble Show

Well I thought I should post some pics from our 1 st Bubble trade show in NY.
Rather late I know.
It was rather nerve racking not having my sister & partner Charlotte here from England. But I had lots of support from friends, family who came to help & visit not to mention the lovely friends I made over the 3 days. Especially Jo & Mel from Poppy and Ned who had a beautiful stand with the most devine children's clothes and yes fellow Brits!!

Got a cat!

Ok so I think I am on a roll.........
lets see ??? Oh Yes Got a cat!
The kiddys had been nagging me for a pet for quite a while, hamster, dog, giraffe etc.
Then one weekend in Brooklyn around Labour day we spotted this weird looking cat in a cage at a rescue pet adoption shop. 
It looked really manky but we all fell in love with this poor unloved cat.
So we went to the playground & called Daddy. Of course he said no, but the kids & I talked it through, responsibilty & poo etc.
Anyway we got the cat. SOoooo excited.
We named him Parsely after an old childrens programme called The herbs about a Lion called Parsely.
Well he is doing really well now & has settled into the new home. We adore him.... he lies like a baby & snores like a piggy. Dad is still not sure.