Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies !!

Easter is on its way! 
One of our favorite times of the year obviously!

Here is our White Rabbit Collection ready for Easter.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wallpaper ideas

I love wallpaper, its a great feature in a childs bedroom and if you get it right its a great investment and can last for a few years taking you from baby, toddler to 6 years old.

You only need to do 1 wall in wallpaper otherwise it can be too much.

Catherine Martin Kids Wallpaper- Circus

Catherine Martin Kids Wallpaper- Circus in Ruby

Loboloup Childrens Wallpaper - Ships and Sails

Hibou Home - Enchanted Wood Wallpaper 

Hibou Home - Enchanted Wood Wallpaper (white on dusky peony pink)

Some great wallpaper ideas from Walnut Wallpaper 
Little Whales comes in different colors great for a babies nursery 

Star wars wallpaper cool for older boys rooms

I love the Flamingos from Cole and Son.
Comes in a gorgeous pink too.

Dinosaurs and not too scary in lovely subtle colors. 

 My nephew is obsessed with owls. 

 Little Hands has an amazing selection of incredible murals. 

Very Cool wallpaper from Flavor Paper
Vintage Grand Prix 

Super Hero 

Whales comes in a variety of funky colors

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby bedroom Ideas

Here is a lovely Nursery featuring a faux animal head as I mentioned in my last post.

Lights by White Rabbit England from the book
Babies'rooms from Zero to Three by Judith Wilson 
I found this dresser in a Thrift store. It was all gold, with a bit of paint transformed. 

Birdhouse by Tamar Mogendorff

Simply draw the shape of a tree and paint white

Make some origami birds and hang  from a tree branch 

Blackboard paint is great in a childs room 

Posh Tots 
Flag Bunting you can make it yourself and it adds a bit of color 

Bramble night light by White Rabbit England 
 A nightlight keeps a low glow in the room and helps a baby or child get to sleep. Also great for new breastfeeding mums

You can buy a huge variety of wall decals on line now and it makes a great feature .

Little Hands wallpaper 

We are huge fans of Little Hands Wallpaper.

Nursery by White Rabbit England 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boys bedroom ideas, part 1

I needed some inspiration as I am redesigning my sons bedroom who has just turned 9. 

I love the idea of having a main focal feature in a room.

Hanging a Faux Animal head over the bed really does the trick.

By Rachel Denny

I love these bright animal heads from White faux taxidermy 

The Alejandra | Stag Deer Head | Faux Taxidermy | Pink ResinThe Benzie | Mini Bear Head | Faux Taxidermy | Seaofam Resin

An amazing variety of styles and funky colors.

The Myra | Mini Zebra Head | Faux Taxidermy | White Resin

These are just amazing by artist Rachel Denny.

Cardboard is a great and cheaper option.
You can find them on ebay 

You can find papier mache ones in Anthropology 

These are probably better for younger children from Graham and Green.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle! New Products !

We wanted to share some fun new products that we have added to The White Rabbit England 

Magic Wand 
Sprinkle some magic with this adorable magic wand! Soft silver pink leather with diamante gem decoration, wooden handle and ribbon detail

Cat Ear headband
 Soft silver pink leather covered metal head band
Liberty print with grey cotton chambray on reverse
Rabbit Ear headband .
Soft silver pink leather covered metal head band
Liberty print with light grey linen cotton on reverse
Size fits kids and grown ups!

Pom Pom headband
Soft pink cotton covered metal head band with large pom pom