Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet the White Rabbit Pets! Donkeys, Dogs and Persians.

Thought it was about time we introduced you to our Wonderful Team.

Meet the Pets that we love and inspire us.

The Donkeys - England 
Biddy and Barney are based at White Rabbit England Headquarters.
Our Offices have fields all around and there they live.

Charlotte always wanted Donkeys and so adopted 2 rescues a few years ago.

But now Biddy is pregnant!!
Oh Yes!!
We thought we would a have a new baby for Christmas but donkeys take longer than humans...We are still waiting.

Next is Molly and Suzy and Teddy 
More rescues.
They spend the days running around the fields rolling around in the mud and bringing home pheasants.

Teddy has become head  of Human Resources.

The Cats in The USA New York


 Mr Parsley( WInston Churhill)  a flat faced Persian.
We rescued him but we weren't quite sure what it was .. a gremlin or Mogwai.
Well he was in bad shape but like everything we get off the Street we clean it up and make it good.
Can you believe this is the same cat!!!

Finally .... Marmite , name after my husband and daughters favourite British spread.
Another rescue persian we just couldn't resist.

These guys give us huge joy and love.

Look out for White Rabbit England products inspired by our own pets.

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