Monday, March 5, 2012

Congratulations Keri Russell

I've been dying to send huge Congratulations to our Friends and neighbours , 
actress Keri Russell and husband 
Shane Deary.
Just wanted to wait until it was official!

She gave birth to her second child, a little girl named Willa Lou on the 27th December. 
The best Christmas present !

But what can one give them as a Baby present?????????

Of course we were delighted to give Willa our Rabbit nightlight

 and we couldn't leave River out, age 4 , 
so he got the Owl light.

  Keri is a bit of an Owl fan so that was perfect.

Keri is very well known actress for films like Mission Impossible 2 and my kids favourite Bed Time Stories.

Shane is a great Dad and succesful carpenter and contractor with his brother Michea based in Brooklyn NY. 

He also gutted his Brownstone and did a beautiful job. Keeping most of the great old features and using reclaimed materials. 

I am hugely inspired by both their ideas and design . Sometimes I wish our house was more minimal.

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