Monday, March 19, 2012

Refinery 29 & White Rabbit England

The children and I had fun when we are very kindly asked to do a shoot for the Fabulous online Fashion website Refinery 29 !!!

Check out the link below for the full story !!!

You're a Brit, do you see any similarities between London and Brooklyn? Which do you prefer?
"When we moved to America, we definitely didn't want to live in the ‘burbs. And we didn’t want a high-rise in Manhattan either. Boerum Hill in Brooklyn is about as close as you can get to how we lived in London with a bit of space and a back garden. We really love the ease of living in a small community like a village. We can walk and cycle everywhere, to school, to do the groceries, and always bump into someone we know. Here the weather is great, too. When it's hot, it's boiling and when it's cold, it's freezing; You get guaranteed seasons. Obviously, we miss our family and friends in England but many come over for a visit."

Vintage paisley tunic, pink cords from Free the People, brown boots from Uggs, vintage long necklace.

Photographed by Maia Harms

Tell us about the biz you own with your sister.
"Charlotte’s my sister and business partner at White Rabbit England. We started about 10 years ago when my daughter Florence was a newborn and her sons were both very young. We were both looking for some sort of low light for the nursery that could be left on when breastfeeding in the early hours of the day and also if they had trouble going to sleep. We tried to find something like the mushroom light we had shared when we were little. We couldn’t find one anywhere so we decided to start making them. We now have a whole range of nursery products from bedding, crib sets, blanket, cushions, Bone China White Animal night-lights, jewelry. All great gifts for baby showers and birthdays. Now I live in NY and our headquarters are in Cheshire in England. Most days we have meetings through Skype which has been amazing." 

Even our bunny light got in the picture!

Do your kids have a personal sense of style? What is it?
"Charlie actually told a mom friend that he wanted all-white evening tails for his eighth birthday! Where that came from nobody knows… but he got it and he rocks it. Florence is definitely at the stage of trying things out. Very interesting what she comes up with. I love it at that age they can wear anything. Wish we had school uniforms here though, I do miss the no-fashion-crisis mornings!"

What's one trend you won't put on your kids?
"Gosh… crocs and I'm also steering away from high street brands especially as Florence is getting older. I find the styles and colors rather tasteless and inappropriate, so I really would rather do thrift stores and stoop sales."

Charlie wears a vintage eBay hat. 

What are your favorite haunts in the neighborhood? 
"We have great local places to go to for dinner, brunch, and gorgeous shopping. There is a new restaurant called Rucola on Dean Street that does a menu filled with fresh local produce and a mean Tom Collins! Building on Bond is great for brunch on the weekend. For clothes, I go to visit my friend Christina's vintage store Mafalda on Atlantic, Beacon’s Closet is a favorite on a budget and I always find something cool for Florence, my 11-year-old. We love going to The Brooklyn Flea on the weekend but the kids have a very short attention span when it comes to the flea. For flowers and shrubs, we always go to Grdn on Hoyt street run by a friend and fellow school mom." 

What's the toughest part of juggling all you do and raising children in NYC? Any tips?
"Like any mom, time for me. Really need to focus on that. I do juggle especially as Charlie has (Type 1) Juvenile Diabetes, diagnosed when he was just one. It's constant around the clock checking for his blood glucose and insulin. My advice is to try swap playdates once a week with a friend then you can get one whole day without kids."

The Sullivans' two persian cats, Parsley and Marmite, also found on the street! 

Any tips for designing your home on a budget?
"Visit stoop sales and, of course, eBay. Painting with color is cheap and quick. Collect old picture frames and put random postcards or a mish mash of images you like. Good cheap lighting. Rugs cushions are everywhere and can really improve a look. Decorator's drop-cloth can quickly cover an old sofa but make sure you get the grayish ones that look like Belgian linen. Oh, and wallpaper makes a great statement — like a piece of art!"

Camel poncho by Daryl K, camel hat by Bailey, printed pants from Zara, brown boots from Frye.


Hot House Market said...

Such a great story <3 Carrie @ Hot House Market

Mrs. Sutton said...

Love your style & your house - I first noticed it in Living etc. , but have now popped over from a mention in 'My French Country Home' via blogland. You've managed to achieve a super cool NYC aesthetic, which nevertheless still feels very British - a stylish hybrid - love it!