Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Decor DIY ( Do It Yourself)

I'm planning our regular Halloween party again.

Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of the colour orange!! So I try to stay clear of anything traditionally orange.
It is possible to decorate on a budget yet keep it simple and cool looking.

Again as I said in my last post.
Buy Cobwebs.... and lots of them.

Spread them across a room, high up from chandeliers, light fittings, picture frames , mirrors.

Throw in plastic spiders, mice and flys..

 Buy black candles instead of white for a gothic feel and use lots of candle holders everywhere.
Candle light will create a moody feel

Luckily we weren't sent a beautiful bunch of white roses.
As they were starting to die I grabbed the bottle of fake blood that we had left over from last years Halloween and poured it over the flowers.

Another great idea is use old glass bottles or jars or this really cool old skull vodka bottle we had left over.
Fill the with water and then add red food colouring.

You could even pop in a few plastic eyeballs for extra drama.

I'm thinking of making this fab skeleton decor , yet another great idea from Graphic Fairy.

Down load her skeleton graphics and cut them out.
Can't wait to put the glitter on the top hat.

Go here for her free and easy printables.

You could also print out these skeleton images form Graphic Fairy and put them in some old frames.

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