Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boys bedroom ideas, part 1

I needed some inspiration as I am redesigning my sons bedroom who has just turned 9. 

I love the idea of having a main focal feature in a room.

Hanging a Faux Animal head over the bed really does the trick.

By Rachel Denny

I love these bright animal heads from White faux taxidermy 

The Alejandra | Stag Deer Head | Faux Taxidermy | Pink ResinThe Benzie | Mini Bear Head | Faux Taxidermy | Seaofam Resin

An amazing variety of styles and funky colors.

The Myra | Mini Zebra Head | Faux Taxidermy | White Resin

These are just amazing by artist Rachel Denny.

Cardboard is a great and cheaper option.
You can find them on ebay 

You can find papier mache ones in Anthropology 

These are probably better for younger children from Graham and Green.

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