Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby bedroom Ideas

Here is a lovely Nursery featuring a faux animal head as I mentioned in my last post.

Lights by White Rabbit England from the book
Babies'rooms from Zero to Three by Judith Wilson 
I found this dresser in a Thrift store. It was all gold, with a bit of paint transformed. 

Birdhouse by Tamar Mogendorff

Simply draw the shape of a tree and paint white

Make some origami birds and hang  from a tree branch 

Blackboard paint is great in a childs room 

Posh Tots 
Flag Bunting you can make it yourself and it adds a bit of color 

Bramble night light by White Rabbit England 
 A nightlight keeps a low glow in the room and helps a baby or child get to sleep. Also great for new breastfeeding mums

You can buy a huge variety of wall decals on line now and it makes a great feature .

Little Hands wallpaper 

We are huge fans of Little Hands Wallpaper.

Nursery by White Rabbit England 

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